Wednesday, October 29, 2008


COMMITMENT, what comes in your mind when you hear this word? Is it possible to be not into this? And why does this word or “thing” subsist?

Do you desire commitment? Of course, this thing talks about relationship, promise, vow, obligation, responsibility, loyalty, faithfulness and assurance. For I know, boys are not into it. They deem that if you’re in a commitment, you belong in the looser crowd. Who wanna be into this? If it lay you into heartaches. DAMN! I hope this thing doesn’t exist!!! Me neither don’t wanna be into this. It keeps my heart in deep dilemma and put myself into sickness. It’s very fuming when I encounter people or my friends either, share their relationships or the “commitment thingy” they had. In the first place they don’t know what their saying because when the relationship ends they rush their self in asking anybody in an idiotic manner, why do these thing happened? Or why did God gave them this kind of problem? Duhh, COMMITMENT is considered only if both of you promised in front of the altar, it depends on the religion. But the thing is, Another SHIT of life.

you?dont cha wanna be into commitment?

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