Sunday, November 9, 2008

instructor VS educator

I just finished my 8:30 class which is Religion 20. We had this discussion about our expectation in our class, teacher and to our classmates. I heard a lot of expectation from my classmates such us show respect, this class will not be boring and our teacher should be considerate enough to understand her lesson well so on and so forth.

This time Sr. Maloure the name of our r.e teacher gave her expectation. She'd mention many things. One thing that catches my attention when she says "I'M NOT AN INSTRUCTOR, I'M AN EDUCATOR".

"this two words really differ, 'coz when you talk about Instructor. It tells us how to do certain things, like -how to operate this kind of gadget- it simply instruct you and you just follow . But Educator not just instruct us instead they help us to analyzed on things, they dig deeper and want us to gain something (oopS!not literally) . Instructors prodruces ROBOTS while Educators produces HUMAN.

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