Monday, December 1, 2008

Disappointed but still HAPPY! =D

After passing the letter to our Health CAre 1 Instructor. I rushly went to the cinema house to watch twilight *the most awaited movie ever!* I waited about 2 hours for my companions. I really felt bad, they let me wait for that LONG!!!! ;/

In the movie house:

When we entered the cinema 1, It was fully LOADED!!! really! we sat on the floor!! about 20 minutes there were 2 seats available and we hurried to get those seats.. we are four!! can't you imagined? 2 per seat!!! it's very uncomfy!!! but we have no choice at all.

After the movie:

I was really disappointed! inadequate information.. scenes were lacking, I was expecting that they really follow the book! The story was twisted over and over... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

But you know what!? I watched the movie for free though i bought a ticket, there was this *tatak tatak thingy* and the extra ticket, i decided to chaged it to another cinema.. I watched 2 movies in 1 ticket! *isn't it great?? ;]*

what an awful day!!!

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