Thursday, July 23, 2009

Philosophy of Life

Few people consider what they are looking for in life, so it’s not a surprise that they are only conscious superficially of their own existence. Who do you think has the time to reflect on their philosophy of life? Does it make sense? Does it affect our living? Well, perhaps it affects when we become conscious about it.

Anyway, my philosophy is quiet weird and as I might call it “innovative”. I think I always oppose to different themes given in this world. I’m an activist; I find ways to uphold my schemes. I reconstruct my ideas; I made my own principle and beliefs. I always challenge myself to uncover the truth, seek for the truth and live by truth. I always ask why, what and how: why does it happened, what made it happened and how does it happened. And every time I go to bed and wake up in the morning, I only find two things: question and change. I never had a chance to find the answers. Imagine that your brain and heart are full of question marks? Well, maybe that will define mine.

Frequently, I think about how life is made of. What’s its purpose and why it made us think about it. As usual, I can’t find the answers but through living life perhaps I can understand it. My life is always in chaos, it made me fed-up. Because of seeing life in different manner, I got bunch of enemies. Well, maybe I’m just too expressive of my perceptions and can’t watch my uttered words. In every single day of my life people label me differently. Some make me a damn ass, call me shit and put new unpleasant marks. Whatever they want to call about it I don’t care, I don’t think too much about it. People always misunderstood the meaning of each word. That’s why it makes me think that they don’t also know the meaning of life, like me. Did you ever ask yourself if why do we have to live life if it just still ends up? For sure you haven’t. God gave us this chance to live and left this life in us without reason; maybe we just use everything He gave us and find out what are His reasons and the purposes of giving it. Have faith.

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Life is not as easy as we think, we have everything: money, love, happiness, power and all but can you figure out its plot? We fall out by our mothers’ wombs, hang around until we get used to it and after all drop us on our graves. We must learn the art of living because nobody could teach that…nobody but YOU.

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