Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Newest Rhythm in Town!


really love their musicCc :D

amf. 20 fingers up!!! XD

Combining the best elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop, and R&B, the Out of Body Special (O.B.S.) has created a fusion of sound that is entirely their own. What started out as a few friends getting together to create a side project for fun soon evolved into a unique band with its own definitive sound that appeals to both casual listeners and hardcore music lovers alike. In the short time since the band’s inception, OBS has garnered a huge fan-base in the Manila area, due to their catchy songs which appeal to fans of many different genres.

Their surging popularity is evident in their heavy gig schedule, which has them playing at school events, bar shows, and even the occasional debut. They were recently able to share their music with fans all around Luzon during the Tower of Doom Siege Tour, which has only garnered them more devoted fans in numerous provinces. As a show of their loyalty to the band, these fans can be found constantly voting for their new video on MTV, or for their singles on radio stations.

Now fans of OBS can hear the full range of songs the band has to offer, from the high-energy single “Soundcheck” to the love song “Kamakaylan” with the release of their debut full-length album under Tower of Doom Records. http://www.mtvphil.com/artist_profile.php?id=40

The Out of Body Special is:

Vocals – Carlos Magno

Guitar – Pat Co

Guitar – Martin Veerayah

Bass – Nino Avenido

Drums – Ted Mark Cruz

Percussions – Diego Beltran

Saxophone – Garon Honasan

Keyboards – Enrique De Dios

The Out of Body

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